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A variety of paint systems are available for the large number of applications of painted aluminum. New coatings systems are constantly under development in cooperation with and to the benefit of our customers.

During the last few years we have developed (mostly in close cooperation with our customers) some revised coating systems which, in intensive material and surface tests carried out in our perfectly equiped labs, have proved their suitability for many different applications.

Polyester paints

* Polyester primer and polyester finishing coat.
* Layering 8-40um (depending on color and application)
* Excellent ductility
* Extensive color range, high degree of gloss
* Limited durability regarding UV and weathering

PU/PA Paints

* Extreme form and temperature stability
* Weathering resistant
* Versatile colour range
* High mechanical durability
* Proven in saltwater, industrial and sun intensive climates
* Especially for roller shutter slats and roller shutter box ect.

PVdF Paints

* Excellent weathering and UV properties
* Excellent color and gloss durability
* Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
* Very good ductility
* Double coating system consisting of primer and finishing layers. Layering thickness
* Approx 25um. Degree of gloss (60 °measuring angle): approx.20 units (Gardner)

Epoxy Paint

* Outstanding chemical resistance
* High flexibility
* Ideal for interior use