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State-of-the-art pre-treatment and coating technology 
1. Tension levelling
Tension levelling at the beginning of the manufacturing process guarantees an absolutely flat product.
2. Cleaning of strips
Perfect cleaning, removal of oxides, dirt and lubricants.
During the cleaning process, the aluminium strip is cleaned within different zones.Cleaning is thus more
efficient than conventional technologies and water can be re-used.
3. Pre-treatment
Pre-treatment is the key of the coil coating process. The pre-treatment is needed to increase the corrosion
resistance and to ensure paint adhesion. During pre-treatment a conversion layer is chemically built up on the
surface of the aluminium strip. 
4. Coil coating
The paint is applied using rollers.  All paint system is geared to match the requirements of the application.
To achieve different results, different paint systems are used. The reverse side always has a protective lacquer
5. Curing
Depending on the paint system, the curing temperature lies between 200-300°C. 
In order to protect the environment as well as possible, the solvent vapour is used to heat the oven without gases
escaping from the closed system.
6. Continous quality control criteria monitored during the production
* Color                                                 * Paint hardness
* Paint thickness                                  * Paint adhesion
* Gloss                                                 * Formability 
7. Exit accumulator and re-coiling
The coated aluminmum coil will be wind up and is ready for further processing
Customer specified individual cut sizes of coils for sheets or strips
8. Packaging the finished product