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Surface characteristics

Front side:
The aluminum coil has been coil coated with a PVdF paint system(80/20).
The paint thickness is approx.25um for a two-layer paint system.
For special coatings the paint thickness is approx. 40um.

Reverse side:
The reverse side of the façade coil is protected with a transparent lacquer.

Thickness of the lacquer is approx.5um.

Protective film
The façade coil is provided with a UV-resistant protective foil on the front side. The film poses no risk to ground water and can be recycled.
It remains on the panel during installation and can easily be removed once the panels are in place.

The coil is available in a large number of colors. With a RAL or PPG reference number new colors can be produced specially for you.
The continuous coil coating process ensures long lasting, brilliant color effect. The paint system has proved itself time and time again in extreme climates.

* PVdF-Coating (80/20)
* PVdF-Coating is UV-resistant and is environmentally friendly.
* Sea water resistant
* The paints will not become brittle as a result of weathering
* Dirt repellent surface
* Wide range of color shades