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On line and pre-delivery quality control
According to the international quality standards as EN, DIN, ISO, BS, ASTM and ECCA.
We are undertaking permanent material and surface tests in our
in-house paint and coating laboratories.
* Quality control extends to every step of the production process
* Integrated production process ensures constant,high and     reproducable quality
* Own lab in production sites
* Test includes paint, gloss,thickness,hardness,adhesion.
* ISO certified

ECCA standard
Production of pre-painted aluminum according to high quality standard of
ECCA T1:Layer thickness
ECCA T2: Gloss
ECCA T3: Color difference
ECCA T4: Pencil hardness
ECCA T5: Impact resistance
ECCA T6: Adhesion after cupping
ECCA T7: Retained flexibility
ECCA T8: Resistance to salt spray
ECCA T9: Water immersion resistance
ECCA T10: Weather resistance- accelerated UV testing
ECCA T13: Ageing -  accelerated heat testing
ECCA T14: Chalking
ECCA T16: Abrasion resistance